пятница, 12 июля 2013 г.


Oh, it was very hard really: digitized tapes, reconstruction from mp3 and interaction with raw technology. But in spite of all complications we are finalize it. Do not judge grained please ) 

«Raw synth sounds, so simple but so dear to the heart of any vintage drum-machine lover, are kept with care in this digital musicbox. The artefacts of analogue recording are erasing the borders between the endless depths of space and midnight walks, and rare Japanesee electro-crests are becoming easy to obtain by everyone.»

пятница, 21 сентября 2012 г.

четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

We are started reflecting on vibrations that comes up from no-time
and may be it's really only solution for all us.
Some of neo-totemical vibes will be here 
to unlock your souls again and save them.